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CATS 2011, Perth, Australia

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CATS 2011 Perth

program committee: Hee-Kap Ahn, Postech University; John Boyland, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Cristian Calude, University of Auckland; Dave Clarke, K.U.Leuven; Graham Farr, Monash University; Neal Glew, Intel; James Harland, RMIT; Kazuo Iwama, Kyoto University; Michael Johnson, Macquarie University; Bruce Litow, James Cook University; Kazuhisa Makino, University of Tokyo; Petra Malik, Victoria University of Wellington; Bernard Mans, Macquarie University; Julian Mestre, Max-Planck Institute; Peter Müller, ETH Zurich; Alex Potanin (co-chair), Victoria University of Wellington ; Taso Viglas (co-chair), University of Sydney; Anthony Wirth, Melbourne University; Thomas Wolle, NICTA; David R. Wood, University of Melbourne; Guochuan Zhang, Zhejiang University; Sanming Zhou, University of Melbourne;
accepted papers: Eiji Miyano and Hirotaka Ono. Maximum Domination Problem Guillaume Blin, Romeo Rizzi, Florian Sikora and Stéphane Vialette. Towards a Better Complexity Insight of the Minimum Mosaic Inference of a Set of Recombinants ; Alexandra Kolla and James Lee. Sparsest Cut on quotients of the hypercube; John Augustine, Qi Han, Philip Loden, Sachin Lodha and Sasanka Roy. Tight Analysis of Shortest Path Convergecast in Wireless Sensor Networks; Klaus Jansen, Lars Prädel, Ulrich M. Schwarz and Ola Svensson. Faster Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling with Fixed Jobs ; Gianfranco Bilardi and Carlo Fantozzi. New Area-Time Lower Bounds for the Multidimensional DFT ; Simon Ware and Robi Malik. A Process-Algebraic Semantics for Generalised Nonblocking ; Mashitoh Hashim and Tadao Takaoka. Sharing Information in All Pairs Shortest Path Algorithms ; Ling-Ju Hung, Ton Kloks and Fernando Sanchez Villaamil. Black-and-White Threshold Graphs ; Akira Suzuki, Kei Uchizawa and Xiao Zhou. Energy-Efficient Threshold Circuits Computing Mod Functions ; Naoyuki Kamiyama and Tomomi Matsui. Approximation Algorithms for Data Association Problem Arising from Multitarget Tracking ; James Harland. Towards Methods for Discovering Universal Turing Machines (or How Universal Unicorns can be Discovered, not Created) ; Aniruddh Gandhi, Nan Ke and Bakhadyr Khoussainov. State Complexity of Determinization and Complementation for Finite Automata ; Maram Alnae, Igor Chikalov, Shahid Hussain and Mikhail Moshkov. Sequential Optimization of Binary Search Trees for Multiple Cost Functions ; Masoud Khosravani and Michael J. Dinneen. Hardness of Approximation and IP Frameworks for Searching for Caterpillar Trees ; John McCabe-Dansted. On the Succinctness of RoCTL* ; Yoshiaki Nonaka, Hirotaka Ono, Shuji Kijima and Masafumi Yamashita. How Slow, or Fast, Are Standard Random Walks? -- Analyses of Hitting and Cover Times on Tree ; Paraschos Koutris and Aris Pagourtzis. Oblivious k-shot Broadcasting in Ad Hoc Radio Networks ; Peter Floderus, Andrzej Lingas and Mia Persson. Towards more efficient infection and fire fighting ; Narayanaswamy N.S. and Sadagopan N. A Novel Data Structure for Biconnectivity, Triconnectivity, and k-tree Augmentation ;

CATS 2010 Brisbane

program committee: Jonathan Aldrich, Carnegie Mellon, USA; Tetsuo Asano, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; Andrej Bogdanov, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Rod Downey, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.; Thomas Erlebach, University of Leicester, UK; Vlad Estivill-Castro, Griffith University, Australia; Joachim Gudmundsson, NICTA Research, Australia; James Harland, RMIT University, Australia; Atsushi Igarashi, Kyoto University, Japan; Costas Iliopoulos, King's College London, UK; Yuh-Dauh Lyuu, National Taiwan University, Taiwan; Bernard Mans, Macquarie University, Australia; Prabhu Manyem, Shanghai University, China; Mirka Miller, University of Newcastle, Australia; Pat Morin, Carleton University, Canada; Madhavan Mukund, Chennai Mathematical Institute, India; Peter Müller, ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Alex Potanin (co-chair), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; Venkatesh Raman, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India; Peter Stuckey, University of Melbourne, Australia; Xiaoming Sun, Tsinghua University, China; Taso Viglas (co-chair), University of Sydney, Australia; Jan Vitek, Purdue University, USA; Anthony Wirth, University of Melbourne, Australia; Tobias Wrigstad, Purdue University, USA; Sanming Zhou, University of Melbourne, Australia;
accepted papers: Ling-Ju Hung and Ton Kloks. Kruskalian Graphs k-Cographs; Hans Hüttel, Jakob Svane Knudsen, Peter Finderup and Johannes Garm Nielsen. Linear Uniform Receptiveness in a Pi-Calculus with Location Failures; Gabor Erdelyi and Jörg Rothe. Control Complexity in Fallback Voting; Liang Xu and Zhou Xu. Approximation Algorithms for Min-max Capacitated Path Covers; Faisal Abu-Khzam, Henning Fernau, Michael A. Langston, Serena Lee-Cultura and Ulrike Stege. A Fixed-Parameter Algorithm for String-to-String Correction; Maw-Shang Chang, Ling-Ju Hung and Peter Rossmanith. Probe Distance-Hereditary Graphs; Vida Dujmovic, Joachim Gudmundsson, Pat Morin and Thomas Wolle. Notes on Large Angle Crossing Graphs; Kazuyuki Amano. On Directional vs. Undirectional Randomized Decision Tree Complexity for Read-Once Functions; Sze-Hang Chan, Tak-Wah Lam, Lap-Kei Lee, Hing-Fung Ting and Peng Zhang. Non-clairvoyant Scheduling for Weighted Flow Time and Energy on Speed Bounded Processors; Michael Johnson and Stefano Kasangian. A Relational Model of Incomplete Data without NULLs; Simone Dantas, Luerbio Faria, Celina M. H. de Figueiredo, Sulamita Klein, Loana Tito Nogueira and Fábio Protti. Advances on the List Stubborn Problem; Simon Doherty and Lindsay Groves. Simpler Backward Simulation Proofs;

CATS 2009 Wellington

program committee: Rod Downey, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ (Co-chair); Prabhu Manyem, University of Ballarat, Australia (Co-chair); James Harland, RMIT University at Melbourne, Australia (Discussion Track coordinator); Eric Allender, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA; Argimiro Arratia, University of Valladolid, Spain; Hajo Broersma, University of Durham, UK; Otfried Cheong, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology at Daejeon, South Korea; Jeremy Dawson, Australian National University at Canberra; Thomas Erlebach, University of Leicester, UK; Mike Johnson, Macquarie University at Sydney, Australia; Bakhadyr Khoussainov, University of Auckland (NZ) and Cornell University (USA); Catherine McCartin, Massey University at Palmerston North, NZ; Kamal Lodaya, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India; James Noble, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ; Paritosh Pandya, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India; Frank Ruskey, University of Victoria, BC, Canada; Stefan Szeider, University of Durham, UK; Richard Taylor, Defence Science and Technology Organisation at Canberra, Australia; Hans van Ditmarsch, University of Otago at Dunedin, NZ; Tasos Viglas, University of Sydney, Australia;
accepted papers: Ching-Lueh Chang and Yuh-Dauh Lyuu. reading of messages in random graphs (STUDENT PAPER); Mehdi Karimi and Arvind Gupta. Minimum Cost Homomorphism to Oriented Cycles with Some Loops (STUDENT PAPER); Wataru Matsubara, Shunsuke Inenaga and Ayumi Shinohara. Testing Square-Freeness of Strings Compressed by Balanced Straight Line Program (STUDENT PAPER); Adam Day. On Process Complexity (BEST STUDENT PAPER); Ukachukwu Ndukwu and J.W. Sanders. Reasoning about a distributed probabilistic system (STUDENT PAPER); Toshimasa Ishii and Kazuhisa Makino. Augmenting Edge-Connectivity between Vertex Subsets; Abusayeed Saifullah and Alper Ungor. A Simple Algorithm For Triconnectivity of a Multigraph; Koji Nakazawa and Makoto Tatsuta. Type Checking and Inference for Polymorphic and Existential types; Mark Utting, Petra Malik and Ian Toyn. Transformation Rules for Z; Vlad Estivill-Castro and Mahdi Parsa. Computing Nash equilibria gets harder: New results show hardness even for Parameterized Complexity; Hideaki Fukuhara and Eiji Takimoto. Lower bounds on quantum query complexity for read-once decision trees with parity nodes (STUDENT PAPER); Nutan Limaye, Meena Mahajan and Prajakta Nimbhorkar. Longest Paths in Planar DAGs in Unambiguous Logspace (STUDENT PAPER); Jing Cao and Albert Nymeyer. Formal Model of a Protocol Converter (STUDENT PAPER); Kevin Henshall, Peter Schachte, Harald Sondergaard and Leigh Whiting. Boolean Affine Approximation with Binary Decision Diagrams; Andras Farago. Structural Properties of Random Graph Models; Kira Vyatkina. Linear Axis for Planar Straight Line Graphs; David Pearce, Gary Haggard and Gordon Royle. Edge-Selection Heuristics for Computing Tutte Polynomials; Sumit Ganguly. Distributing Frequency-Dependent Data Stream Computations; Peter Chapman. Syntactic Conditions for Invertibility in Sequent Calculi;

CATS 2008 Wollongong

Committee James Harland, RMIT University, Melbourne (Co-chair); Prabhu Manyem, University of Ballarat, Australia (Co-chair); Argimiro Arratia, University of Valladolid, Spain; Richard Brent, Australian National University, Canberra; Hajo Broersma, University of Durham, UK; Cristian Calude, University of Auckland, NZ; Jeremy Dawson, Australian National University, Canberra; Thomas Erlebach, University of Leicester, UK; Graham Farr, Monash University, Melbourne; Joachim Gudmundsson, NICTA, Sydney; Venkatesan Guruswami, University of Washington, Seattle; Seokhee Hong, NICTA and the University of Sydney, Sydney; Costas Iliopoulos, Kings College, London; Mike Johnson, Macquarie University, Sydney; Jens Palsberg, UCLA; David Pearce, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ; R. Ramanujam, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India; Joe Ryan, University of Ballarat, Australia; Matthias Stallmann, North Carolina State University, USA; Richard Taylor, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Canberra; Hans van Ditmarsch, University of Otago, NZ;
accepted papers Martin Bunder. The Inhabitation Problem for Intersection Types; Xiaowei Huang, Li Jiao and Weiming Lu. Weak Parametric Failure Equivalences and Their Congruence Formats; Olga Ohrimenko and Peter Stuckey (student paper) Modelling for Lazy Clause Generation; Samuel Huston, Jakob Puchinger and Peter Stuckey (student paper) The Core Concept for 0/1 Integer Programming; Matthew Asquith, Joachim Gudmundsson and Damian Merrick (student paper) An ILP for the Line Ordering Problem; Elena Morozova. A Multidimensional Bisection Method for Unconstrained Minimization Problem; Nita H. Shah, Ajay S. Gor and Hui Wee. Optimal Joint Vendor-Buyer Inventory Strategy for Deteriorating Items with Salvage Value; Marko Samer and Stefan Szeider. Tractable Cases of the Extended Global Cardinality Constraint; Egbert Mujuni and Frances Rosamond. Parameterized Complexity of the Clique Partition Problem; Luke Mathieson and Stefan Szeider. The Parameterized Complexity of Regular Subgraph Problems and Generalizations; Vadim Levit and Eugen Mandrescu. Well-covered Graphs and Greedoids; Minh Nguyen, Mirka Miller and Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio (student paper) On the Non-existence of Even Degree Graphs with Diameter Two and Defect Two; Yuichi Asahiro, Eiji Miyano and Hirotaka Ono. Graph Classes and the Complexity of the Graph Orientation Minimizing the Maximum Weighted Outdegree; Frank Ruskey and Aaron Williams (student paper) Generating Balanced Parentheses and Binary Trees by Prefix Shifts; Ching-Lueh Chang, Yen-Wu Ti and Yuh-Dauh Lyuu. Testing Embeddability Between Metric Spaces; Shi Bai and Richard P. Brent (student paper) On the Efficiency of Pollard's Rho Method for Discrete Logarithms; Lindsay Groves. Verifying Michael and Scott's Lock-Free Queue Algorithm using Trace Reduction;

CATS 2007 Ballarat

Program committee: Tetsuo Asano JAIST, Japan; Otfried Cheong KAIST, Korea; David Clarke CWI, Amsterdam; Rowan Davies University of Wesern Australia; Joachim Gudmundsson (Co-chair) NICTA, Australia; Barry Jay (Co-chair) UTS, Australia; Mike Johnson Macquarie University, Australia; Bruce Litow James Cook University, Australia; John Lloyd Australian National University, Australia; Prabhu Manyem University of Ballarat, Australia; Brendan McKay Australian National University, Australia; David Pearce Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; Kunihiko Sadakane Kyushu University, Japan; Tasos Viglas University of Sydney, Australia;
Accepted Papers: (4,g)-cages for $gge 5$ are tightly supconnected by Jianmin Tang, Yuqing Lin, Camino Balbuena and Mirka Miller; Computing a Minimum-Dilation Spanning Tree is NP-hard by Otfried Cheong, Herman Haverkort and Mira Lee; A Linear Time Algorithm for Pricing Sequential Barrier European Options by Peng Gao and Ron van der Meyden; Probabilistic Logic under Uncertainty by Audun Josang; Some Structural and Geometric Properties of Two-Connected Steiner Networks by Kenneth Hvam,Line Reinhardt, Pawel Winter and Martin Zachariasen; Analysis of Busy Beaver Machines via Induction Proofs by James Harland; Constructing Strictly Positive Families by Peter Morris, Thorsten Altenkirch and Neil Ghani; On the Power of Structural Violations in Priority Queues by Amr Elmasry, Claus Jensen and Jirki Katajainen; Effective Prediction and its Computational Complexity by Richard Taylor; On The Complexity of Manipulating Elections by Tom Coleman and Vanessa Teague; Fast Exponential-Time Algorithms for the Forest Counting in Graph Classes by Heidi Gebauer and Yoshio Okamoto; Planning with Time Limits in BDI Agent Programming Languages by Lavindra de Silva, Anthony Dekker and James Harland; Minimum Augmentation of Edge-Connectivity with Monotone Requirements by in Undirected Graphs Toshimasa Ishii; Quantumly Corrupted Codewords and Quantum List Decoding by Tomoyuki Yamakami; An efficient solution method for relaxed variants of the nesting problem by Benny Kjær Nielsen; Constructing Optimal Highways by H.-K. Ahn, H. Alt, T. Asano, S. W. Bae, P. Brass, O. Cheong, C. Knauer, H.-S. Na, C.-S. Shin and A. Wolff; An optimal broadcasting protocol for mobile video-on-demand by Regant Hung and Hing-Fung Ting; Termination of Abstract Reduction Systems by Jeremy Dawson and Rajeev GoreMichiel;

CATS 2006 Hobart

Committee: Tetsuo Asano JAIST, Japan.; Mike Atkinson University of Otago, New Zealand.; Ljiljana Brankovic University of Newcastle, Australia; Prosenjit Bose Carleton University, Canada; Rod Downey University of Wellington, New Zealand; Joachim Gudmundsson (Co-chair) NICTA, Australia; James Harland RMIT, Australia; Barry Jay (Co-chair) UTS, Australia; Mike Johnson Macquarie University, Australia; Paul Kelly Imperial College, U.K.; Delia Kesner Universite de Paris 7, France; Ling Li Curtin University, Australia; Eugenio Moggi Univ. di Genova, Italy; Jens Palsberg UCLA, U.S.A.; Andrew Solomon UTS, Australia; Gerhard Woeginger Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands;
Accepted Papers: Geometric spanners with few edges and degree five, Michiel Smid; Graph orientation algorithms to minimize the maximum outdegree, Yuichi Asahiro, Eiji Miyano, Hirotaka Ono and Kouhei Zenmyo; Multilayer Grid Embeddings of Iterated Line Digraphs, Toru Hasunuma; Compositional type systems for stack-based low-level languages, Ando Saabas and Tarmo Uustalu; Mechanically Verifying Correctness of CPS Compilation, Ye Henry Tian; Formalising the L4 microkernel API, Rafal Kolanski and Gerwin Klein; Combinatorial Generation by Fusing Loopless Algorithms, Tadao Takaoka and Stephen Violich; The Busy Beaver, the Placid Platypus and Other Crazy Creatures, James Harland; A polynomial algorithm for codes based on directed graphs, Andrei Kelarev; On the complexity of the DNA Simplified Partial Digest Problem, Jacek Blazewicz and Marta Kasprzak; On the Approximability of Maximum and Minimum Edge Clique Partition Problems, A. Dessmark, J. Jansson, A. Lingas, E.-M. Lundell and M. Persson ; Faster Algorithms for Finding Missing Patterns, Shuai Cheng Li; On the logical Implication of Multivalued Dependencies with Null Values, Sebastian Link; Boolean equation solving as graph traversal, Brian Herlihy, Peter Schachte and Harald Sondergaard; Learnability of Term Rewrite Systems from Positive Examples, M. R. K. Krishna Rao; On-Demand Bounded Broadcast Scheduling with Tight Deadlines, Chung Keung Poon, Yinfeng Xu and Feifeng Zheng; Greedy algorithms for on-line set-covering and related problems, Giorgio Ausiello, Aristotelis Giannakos and Vangelis Paschos;

CATS 2005 Newcastle

Committee: Mike Atkinson (Co-chair), University of Otago, New Zealand; Frank Dehne (Co-chair), Griffith University, Australia; James Harland, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia; Barry Jay, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia; Mike Johnson, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia; David Wolfram, Infosys Australia; Rod Downey, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; Angele Hamel, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada; Joerg Sack, Carleton University, Canada.; Roy Dyckhoff, University of St Andrews, UK.; Andrew Rau-Chaplin, Dalhousie University, Canada.; Bakhadyr Khoussainov, University of Auckland, New Zealand.; Bruce Litow, James Cook University.; Rodney Topor, Griffith University.; Andrew Solomon, University of Technology, Sydney.;
Accepted Papers: C. McCartin, R. Downey: Bounded Persistence Pathwidth; A. Dekker: The Symmetry Ratio of a Network; E. Prieto: The Method of Extremal Structure on the k-Maximum Cut Problem; B. Dongol: Concurrent Program Design in the Extended Theory of Owicki and Gries; S. Saunders: Efficient Algorithms for Solving Shortest Paths on Nearly Acyclic Digraphs; T. Ishil: Minimum Cost Source Location Problem with Local 3-Vertex-Connectivity Requirements; M. Dumas: When are two Workflow Processes the Same?; N. Danner, C. Pollett: Circuit Principles and Weak Pigeonhole Variants; K. Trentelman: Factorising temporal specifications; M. Lanthier: Calculating the Meeting Point of Scattered Robots on Weighted Terrain Surfaces; R. Solis-Oba: On packing squares with resource augmentation: maximizing the profit; M. Compton: Stenning's Protocol Implemented in UDP and Verified in Isabelle; D. Hemer: Plug-in proof support for formal development environments; H. Machi: The Relative Completeness of the First-Order CTL*; M. Persson: Approximate Clustering of Fingerprint Vectors with Missing Values;

CATS 2004 Ottago

Committee: Mike Atkinson (Chair), University of Otago, New Zealand.; Colin Fidge, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.; James Harland, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.; Xuemin Lin, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.; Barry Jay, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.; Mike Johnson, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.; David Wolfram, Expert Information Services, Melbourne, Australia.; Mike Fellows Newcastle University, Australia.; Rod Downey, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.; Peter Gibbons, University of Auckland, New Zealand.; Angele Hamel, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada.; Joerg Sack, Carleton University, Canada.; Frank Dehne, Carleton University, Canada.; Roy Dyckhoff, University of St Andrews, U;
Accepted Papers: Jeremy Dawson: Formalising General Correctness ; Taolue Chen, Jingyang Zhou, Tingting Han, Jian Lu: Checking Open Congruence in chi-Calculus ; Greg O'Keefe: Towards a Readable Formalisation of Category Theory ; Sebastian Link, Sven Hartmann: A Membership Algorithm for Functional and Multi-valued Dependencies in the Presence of Lists ; Gem Stapleton, Jean Flower: Automated Theorem Proving with Spider Diagrams; David Hemer: Higher-order associative commutative pattern matching for component retrieval ; Hirotaka Ono, Yuichi Asahiro, Takashi Horiyama, Kazuhisa Makino, Toshinori Sakuma, Masafumi Yamashita : How to Collect Balls Moving in the Euclidean Plane; William Duckworth: Small Edge Dominating Sets of Regular Graphs ; Jesper Jansson, Charles Choy, Kunihiko Sadakane, Ken W.-K. Sung: Computing the Maximum Agreement of Phylogenetic Networks ; Neil Leslie, Edwin Mares: CHR: A constructive relevant natural-deduction logic; Elio Giovannetti: Type Inference for Mobile Ambients in Prolog ; Vladimir Estivill-Castro: Generating Nearly Sorted Sequences - The use of measures of disorder; Tak-Wah Lam, Johnny Ngan, Kar-Keung To, Prudence Wai-Ha Wong: Aggressive Online Deadline Scheduling; Quy Tuan Nguyen, Barry Jay, H.Y. Lu: The Polymorphic Imperative: a Generic Approach to In-place Update; Graham Farr: Cost-effectiveness of algorithms (informal presentation); Margaret Mitchell:Creating Vertex Series Parallel Graphs from Directed Acyclic Graphs is NP-Complete (informal presentation); Stefan Szeider:The Parameterized Complexity of SAT Backdoors (informal presentation);

CATS 2003 Adelaide

Committee Michael Atkinson, Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand.; John Crossley, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.; XiaoTie Deng, City University of Hong Kong.; Mike Fellows Newcastle University, Australia.; Colin Fidge, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.; James Harland (Chair), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.; Matthew Hennessy, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK; Barry Jay, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.; Mike Johnson, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.; Xuemin Lin, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.; David Wolfram, Expert Information Services, Melbourne, Australia.;
Accepted Papers: Information Leakage Detection in Boundary Ambients Chiara Braghin, Agostino Cortesi, Riccardo Focardi; A New Machine-checked Proof of Strong Normalisation for Display Logic Jeremy Dawson, Rajeev Gore; Mobility Types for Mobile Processes in Mobile Ambients M. Coppo, M. Dezani-Ciancaglini, E. Giovannetti; An Optimal Family of Bounded-Degree Broadcast Networks Michael Dineen, Nian Zhou; Large 2-Independent Sets of Regular Graphs W. Duckworth, M. Zito; On the Relative Complexity of Labelled Modal Tableaux Guido Governatori; Minimum Augmentation of Edge-connectivity between Vertices and Sets of Vertices in Undirected Graphs Toshimasa Ishii, Yoko Akiyama, Hiroshi Nagamochi; Flow Analytic Type System for Array Bound Checks Yutaka Matsuno, Hiroyuki Sato; Space and Time Adaptive Non-blocking Algorithms Maurice Herlihy, Victor Luchangco, Mark Moir; The Reverse Problem of Range Query Tadao Takaoka; Hierarchical Automata and P-systems N. Sabadini and R. Walters; Linearity and Passivity David Wright; Three approaches to Partiality in the Sketch Data Model Michael Johnson, Robert Roseburgh; Formal Semantics for Program Paths Karl Lermer, Colin Fidge, Ian Hayes; Cutting Up is Hard to Do: the Parameterised Complexity of k-Cut and Related Problems Rodney Downey, Vladimir Estivill-Castro, Michael Fellows, Elena Prieto, Frances Rosamund; Arbitrage in Frictional Foreign Exchange Market Mao-cheng Cai, Xiaotie Deng; Characterizing polynomial time computable functions using theories with weak set existence principles Aleksander Ignjatovic and Phuong Nguyen;

CATS 2002 Melbourne

Committee Asat Arslanov, Monash University, Australia.; Hossam ElGindy, the University of New South Wales, Australia.; James Harland (Chair), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.; Mike Johnson, Macquarie University, Australia.; Mathai Joseph, Tata R&D, India.; Barry Jay, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.; Ron van der Meyden, the University of New South Wales, Australia.; Harald Sondergaard, Melbourne University, Australia.; Lim Soon Wong , Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore.; Michael Winikoff , Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.; David Wood, Sydney University, Australia.;
Accepted papers: A Category-Theoretic Approach to Social Network Analysis Anthony Dekker; Typed Behavioural Equivalences for Processes in the Presence of Subtyping Matthew Hennessy, Julian Rathke; Drawing Ruled Surfaces Using the Dual De Boor Algorithm Rena Ding, Ian Parkin; Towards an Arithmetic Theory of Consistency Enforcement based on the Preservation of \delta-Constraints Sebastian Link, Klaus-Dieter Schewe; Dedekind completion as a method for constructing new Scott domains Klaus Grue; On the Structure of Counterexamples to Symmetric Orderings for BDDs Rakesh Verma, Sarah Hwang; Bisimulation-based Non-deterministic Admissible Interference with Applications to the Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols John Mullins, Stephane Lafrance; Efficient Algorithms for Maximum Subarray Problem by Distance Matrix Multiplication Tadao Takaoka; Computing over K-modules Neil Ghani, Anne Heyworth; Zooming out on Higraph-based Diagrams: Syntactic and Semantic Issues Stuart Anderson, John Power, Konstantinos Tourlas; Don't Care Non-determinism in Logic Program Refinement David Hemer, Ian Hayes, Paul Strooper, Robert Colvin; Sketch Data Models, Relational Schema and Data Specifications Michael Johnson, Robert Rosebrugh;